Sunday 7th April was a busy day for lots of Dukeries MC members with the Lookout Stages at Melbourne and the Alan Healy Stages at Cadwell Park.

The Trackrod MC Lookout Stages saw a return of stage rallying to Melbourne Airfield after a 18 month break, with significant investment having been made in some new and some resurfaced roads to keep the venue usable.  The event was round 4 of the Wemix Concrete EMAMC Stage Rally Championship so it was important that Dukeries crews did well, which they certainly did.

Stephen and Cathy Booth (Escort Mk1) came 6th overall and were the highest placed 2-wheel drive car and winners of class 4. Phil Gallagher/ Mick Gallagher (Escort Mk2) were 8th overall and won class 2 just ahead of Craig Stevens and Steven Moyses, also in a Mk2 Escort, who were second in the class 2 and 10th overall from a very low seeding. (improved 46 places!).  Jonathan Lightbody (Subaru Impreza) finished 19th overall, again making big improvements in his seeding.

Chris Langthorne / Rebecca Marshall (Escort Mk2) dropped a couple of valuable minutes on SS5 with a puncture but still finished 23rd overall.   Antony Cowpe / David Simmons (Ford Sierra) had significant issues on SS2 and again on SS6 which resulted in stage maximums but at least they got to the finish and were classified.  David Longfellow / Danny Ward (Subaru Impreza) were not so lucky and had to retired on Stage 7 with a broken rear diff.

Thanks to the the results highlighted above, Dukeries Motor Club have extended their early lead in the 2019 EMAMC Club championship. Steve and Kathy Booth also go into the overall championship lead at this early stage.  (If you have not already done so, all Dukeries crews are asked to register for the 2019 EMAMC Stage Rally Championship. It is just £2 / person, and it will help DMC to retain the EMAMC Club Trophy.  It also qualifies you for additional points in the Dukeries MC Rally Championship).  EMAMC Stage Rally Championship

Meanwhile a very cold and foggy Cadwell Park saw the final round of the MSN Circuit Rally Championship which brought together some of the fastest car / crew combinations in the UK on this type of circuit based event.  The event was also round 3 of the 2019 Dukeries MC Rally Championship.

John Griffiths / Nigel Wetton (Subaru Impreza) were an excellent 4th overall on the event despite a couple of brushes with the tyre barriers, whilst Chris Ruck / Steven Harris in the very competitive Class B Vauxhall Corsa S1600 won their class and were 20th overall. (Supported by McDonalds, they must get fed up being asked for a Big Mac and Fries at every control).

Alasdair Stables had probably his best result yet in the beautiful Vauxhall Chevette HSR, finishing 25th overall, and he was getting faster as the day progressed. Andy Wright / Nigel Powell in the Honda Civic EP3 came 37th overall with Matt Lister / Marina Miller in the class A Nissan Micra finishing 49th overall.

Not so fortunate were Matt Wood / Peter Kettle who were going well in the 1400cc Vauxhall Corsa but had to retire after SS5 with gearbox problems and Adam / Duncan Moss (BMW Compact) who had an accident on the very first stage.

Also braving the bitter weather at Cadwell were a group of five marshals from Dukeries Motor Club who ran the start control throughout the day; which some managed to survive better than others!

Photos courtesy of Kevin Money & Malc Almond