For any rally to be successful it is essential to obtain the support of a very large number of officials, marshals and radio crews. The organisers of the SA Gas Premier Rally are very grateful for all the support we receive from many motor clubs, groups and individuals and we hope that as many people as possible will come and support the event on Sunday 23rd November.

The event will utilise the Sherwood Pines forest complex in various combinations during the day and everyone will have the opportunity to see the competing cars multiple times. We will supply comprehensive marshals information, stage plans, timings, entry list etc.

If you are able to help on the event please contact the Stage Commander Ian Evans by email on Email: (or Tel: 01246 863507 or 07899 045006). Alternatively if you are a member of a local motor club please contact you own club's Chief Marshal.

2014 Event Officials

Clerk of the Course
Andy Smith (MSA Licensed Clerk of the Course)
Chairman of Organising Team &
Deputy Clerk of the Course
David Baugh
Tel: 01623 623842 or 07946 511035
Secretary of the Meeting
Howard Wilcock
Email: Tel: 0115 9665176
18 Epperstone Road, Lowdham, Nottingham, NG14 7BU.
Entries Secretary
Bridie Hall
Email: 07812 356564
Deputy Entries Secretary
Joanne Smith
Event Safety Officer
Bob Draper
Stage Commander
Ian Evans
Tel: 01246 863507 or 07899 045006
Competitor Liaison Officer
Ashley Field
Chief Scrutineer
Paul Hewer (MSA National A)
Environmental Scrutineer
Richard Moyses (MSA Licensed)
Chief Timekeeper
Barry Jeffery (MSA Rally National)
Event Communications
Brian Avery and Ken Paterson
(Eagle Control / Airwaves Communications)
Results Service
Matthew Atkinson

Please use e-mail to contact the officials whenever possible - only ring if it is urgent.
No telephone calls after 9:00PM please.